Who We Are

Welcome to the Creative Center for Wellness!

Mental and substance use disorders are the leading causes of disability worldwide, suicide numbers keep rising and we see children as young as 8 years old taking their lives.

Families and individuals continue to struggle to find the support and information that they need to be successful, happy, and whole. In order to change the perception about mental health, from one of treating illness to one of promoting wellness, we must be proactive.

Research is clear that individuals who feel connected to their communities are more successful, happier, and better able to cope with and get through traumatic life experiences. Through reducing stigma associated with help-seeking behaviors and attitudes encouraging peer-to-peer support, and by creating a comforting and welcoming space, we hope to increase help seeking behaviors and attitudes.

We are committed to developing a program that will meet the wellness needs of all individuals in an open and inclusive space.

The main purpose of our organization is to provide integrated wellness and care focused on:

  • Prevention of mental illness
  • Treatment of trauma
  • TBI support
  • Treatment of mental illness and the promotion of whole body wellness through education of the community
  • Support groups
  • Outreach
  • Classes on skills
  • Research-based treatment of trauma
  • Community events

Social, emotional, relational, physical, mental, and environmental health are our priorities, and we intend to provide wrap-around services to treat not just the whole client, but the community as well.

Who We Serve

We serve individuals from 2 - 120 years of age, of all genders, races, orientations, cultures, and experiences. Our clinicians have over 20 years of experience serving clients with multiple diagnoses.

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