Adult Yoga

Create peace, balance, harmony within in your life! This is a slow-paced class for learning and practicing mindfulness, breathing, and finding alignment and balance within poses (asanas). This class is designed for beginners, but all levels of experience are welcome.

Adolescent Yoga

For middle and high schoolers to learn and practice introductory yoga poses, breathing, and mindfulness. This class focuses on helping adolescents learn to understand and manage emotional and physical changes they deal with. These classes are not co-ed, but students are invited to attend whichever class best fits their self-identification.

Kids Yoga

For elementary-aged children to learn introductory yoga poses, breathing, and mindfulness in a playful way. Character role-play and narrative will be an integral part of this class. Kids Yoga is fun!

Mommy/Daddy and Me Yoga

For toddlers and preschoolers with a parent. We will focus on connection to our bodies, bonding with our families, and having fun!

"Subtle Body Surfing" Yoga

I focus on slow, mindful practice that can be modified for any level of mobility or flexibility with the aim of bringing awareness to the subtle body, bringing the spine into alignment. This practice is very restorative and healing. It should appeal to people who like to ride energetic waves like drama and emotional crisis—it also offers a funnel into courses that require a bit more physical mobility.

“Tending Your Inner Garden” Yoga

I’d teach poses that are good for people who use their bodies like gardeners—low back, knees, hands, feet. It’s a very grounding practice, so it’s good for anyone who needs extra grounding. It appeals to anyone who likes the “blossoming, garden, tending” kind of language of self-development.

Hearing the Music Within Yoga

I teach this class with musicians in mind, but it is for anyone who loves music and feels it moves them. It would also be great for anyone who uses their body like a musician—writers, artists, crafters—there can be a lot of neck strain and hand tightness.

Shakti Flow Yoga

I teach this class with women in mind, but it’s also for any man who seeks to find the feminine energy within. The practices are appealing to people who like to dance and express themselves. It’s great for anyone who wants to become aware of the interconnected-flow of the cycles of the physical body, the subtle body, and the moon.

Falling in Love with Parenting

Struggling with parenting?  Come join us to learn how to meet the needs of your children, while still setting the appropriate boundaries.

Parenting Discussion Group

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Improv Class

Come have fun, with the whole family, practice social skills, and make new friends. 

Who We Serve

We serve individuals from 2 - 120 years of age, of all genders, races, orientations, cultures, and experiences. Our clinicians have over 20 years of experience serving clients with multiple diagnoses.

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